Parent Objects (Actor) to MyCharacter

Hi there. Maybe somebody can help me if has tryed same goal than me.

I have Spawn actors like the Projectile example in FPS Template.
But I prefer for end reasons to spawn through a common “empty”/target point like anothers editors like Blender or Unity; placed/parented it next to MyCharacter mesh.

I’ve added ChildActor component in MyCharacter BP, I guess this is what I’m looking for, but can’t attach it but incompatible object. I’ve tried also change the category of variables to Actors without lucky, possible somebody illuminate my…


You are trying to set a variable… setting a variable is not the same as setting an actors parent.
I’m not really following what you are trying to accomplish, so I’m going to take a guess.

You want to spawn your projectile not from the center of the screen, but from slightly to the left. Is this correct?

If so, no need to do what your are trying to do.
Just take the characters location and add some X-Y-Z to get the right offset. and when you add a weapon to your screen, that weapon can have a socket, and you just use that as the spawnpoint.

Thank you for the suggest and sorry for delay. Really I want to attach a picked objects from inventory, but just a staic offset, not in hands, I’ve realized the socket way but still haven’t try. I’ll do when I take a look for the part of animations/rigging, etc. Thank you very much!.