Parent component is colliding with child components

I have a Character (Skeleton) And it has animation that simulates physics so the collision is defined as a physical collision. But I have child components that also need to have a physical collision activated in order to collide with my physical projectile. But the child components are colliding with the parent component. I don’t want the skeleton to collide with the projectile. Physical collision can only collide with physical collision and Query collision can only collide with Query collision. If I put the collision channel of the parent actor and different children and then put the channel equal to that of the child components, the character will also ignore the channel of other characters. (A mesh can only have simulated physics if the collision is defined as a physical collision.) So I was left with no option. Help me.

Summarizing what I want is: I want the parent component to have collision Query and Physics activated and the children too and I also want everyone to have block collision for all channels. It is possible?

My plugin definitely can help you…ision-disabler