Parent call function/event in child (SOLVED)

First, the parameters. I have a parent “RangedWeapon” and a child “LobWeapon”. Within some other blueprint is a reference to LobWeapon that is cast as a RangedWeapon.

When a function is called within RangedWeapon from the some other blueprint, how can I fire an event/function on the child, somewhat similar to something like an override to “OnWeaponFired” or “OnPlayerLanded”? My knowledge on inheritance is a little rusty.

I swear I’ve done this before, and forgot about it in a long hiatus from UE4.

Turns out that staying up for three days straight turns you into an idiot. I figured out I can just test this with a minute of work, but I’ll leave this up for anyone else with the problem I had. When you call a function “A” that afterwards calls a function “B”, just override the function “B” in your child blueprint. Now your parent blueprint calls the override B function in your child.

how do you do this, any videos?

It’s been a while since I’ve touched BP and not at a UE4-accessible station, but on the panel with your variables and functions I believe there is a dropdown arrow where you can override parent functions and events.