Parent Blueprint Function not working on second+ Child instances


i have a function inside a parent blueprint which is fired, when i swap my Player. This function turns on and off the OverlapEvents from BoxCollisions inside this blueprint.
But it is only working on the first instance of a child blueprint. If i have more of them inside my level, the other ones wont be affected.
For Example: Child_BP is placed inside the level, a second one is placed, Child_BP2. It’s only working on Child_BP. When i delete Child_BP in my level, and Child_BP2 is the only one left, it’s working on Child_BP2. If i place another one, Child_BP3, than still Child_BP2 is the only one working.
I’m casting to the Parent_BP and it’s function, but why are the other instances aren’t working, when they inherite the same BoxCollisions?


Ok, i found a solution. I had to loop through each…