Parcour game assets with example map!

Hey everyone,
So I have been working on some parcour stuff recently after the unrealslackers gamejam, and now have a parcour system with the following features:
-Auto-destroying platforms(optional)
-Sideways moving platforms
-Of the above 2, a when stepped on activated variant and an automatic version!
Find the latest version here:
The current version is V1.0, download the example project here: (unreal engine 4.11.2)

The 3D models and textures where made by islipaway( and I am allowed to use them!

I am still working on documentation for transferring to your own project, but just to get it out there, here it is! I hope this can help someone!

links not working

Hey @Atharstar, thanks for pointing that out! It seems I accidentally privated this repo? Anyhow the link should be fixed!
Now I have done quite some updates scince I origionally made it and the repo should be pretty much up to date with a full game you can download over at!
I hope this fixes your problems, if any other issues arise, please tell me :smiley: