Parametric scenarios configuration loading in sequencer

Planning a project where I will need to create an external scenario configurator for an industrial application, where

  • a third party product will generate specific scenarios (visible assets, time of day, weather conditions, etc)
  • that need to be written in some interchange format,
  • read from sequencer that will next render the specific scenario as images
  • also this need to be done without the editor being opened but as a server installation

Not an expert in development but from my experiments appear sequencer it’s not so keen in being managed from external sources, I’m wrong on that?
Also didn’t find any reference to a “headless” installation.

I was casually reading about Unigine and appear to be made for this kind of industrial applications, the licensing terms appear to be steeper, does anyone have experience if might be a faster path.

To make the Editor do automated work for you, you can start it in command line and make it execute python scripts or C++ commandlet. Some details about running python scripts from command line can be found here: Scripting the Unreal Editor Using Python | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation.
You can find Commandlets example there: Engine\Source\Editor\UnrealEd\Private\Commandlets.

I do not have experience in accessing sequencer from Commandlet or python scripting so I will not comment on that part.
Could you directly control your content and cameras position instead?

No this need to be a fully automated activity based on configuration script, with no supervision.
Also wondering if will be possible to use Unreal Studio as server side service, scaling based on requests variable load.
Let’s say I want to use it as a fully API manged rendering service.

Hello @UE_FlavienP about this topic that is really fundamental for the project, I find in the manual references for the command line with UE used as editor or server
About my initial request in fact it’s not strictly needed passing through the sequencer, what is needed is a non-interactive rendering of image sequences using instructions coming from an outside scripting.
​​​​​​This need to be done from the rendering engine acting as server side component with all the standard load balancing features of this kind of components.
​​​​​​There is any way to achieve this?