Parametric Design for Buildings in Unreal Engine

Hey Epic,
I recently came across the wiki page for Parametric Design and decided to do a little digging into the subject. If you do not know what parametric design is here is the run down of it.

Basically we take a set series of rules and parameters and can use them to define how a trash bin or a mail box should look.
We can even go bigger and define how a skyscraper should look if we wanted.

That is basically what I got out of it…

Here is my suggestion -

A node based parametric design tool inside unreal 4 similar to that of Autodesk Dynamo Studio or Archimatix Modeler for Unity3D. This would allow us to make buildings and props (Trash Bins, Mailboxes, Light Posts, etc.) extremely fast inside Unreal Engine 4. Not to mention that we could in theory sell our designs on the marketplace.

Examples Below -

Thank you for your time,


I actually did a little trial with custom mesh component by bp, and I can fill in any parametric surface fuctions f(u,v) => FVector(x,y,z) to show a parametric suface. That was just a tiny trial.
What you asked is far more complicated but would be a great job for the application of UE4 in both industrial design and arch visualization, even data visualization!