Parallel Splines

I want to create a set of proceduraly made spline meshes that follow along a path made by another spline. I essentially want to build a set of parallel curves to a single central spline offset at a distance. But I’m not sure how I would go about doing the vector math to set each spline point location, rotation, and tangents. I already know how to find each original spline point and create a new second spline and create the same number of points.

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if you can get the rotation of a spline point, you can GetUpVector and GetRightVector of that rotation. if you multiply those by how much you want to offset X and Y, and add them together, you will get a point that is offset parallel to the original spline’s orientation.

so ( UpVector * OffsetY ) + ( RightVector * OffsetX )

Thanks that put me in the right direction to solve this.
Here’s what my solution was:

What did you use to calculate the Rail half distance variable?

For me following worked. I Just needet it 2D
THANK YOU, ScottSpadea !!

Actually, the right rail spline is not parallel to the root spline. It has the same Tangent at the same index point. the distance between each other is not same but only at the same index point