Parallel Music in Paper2D? help.

Hiya, I’m creating a simple 2D side scroller using Paper2D in unreal for my final year research project at university.

The concept is to create a game where you can compose music, by exploring different sections of the level and this allows different combinations of sounds. So all are running in parallel so they stay in time with eachother, but they can only be heard if a box or multiple boxes are triggered.

However, I can’t get it to work.

I’ve done a project before that had a similar element but already had a get player component built into the blueprint that can be attached to a spawn sound attached. However, as i have created most of this myself it isn’t working.
I don’t know what to feed into the attach to component of the spawn sound.

I’ve tried using trigger boxes to change variables that set different volume levels for different parts after all play sound 2Ds are started at the same time with a default variable value of 0.

The trigger boxes work and change the values, but this doesn’t make the already looping sounds any louder or quieter.

Can someone please help me with this as it is the foundation of my whole thesis!

Thanks again,