Paragon's Root Motion node for Start and Stop

Just watched the latest stream regarding character locomotion for Paragon’s character and I’m really looking forward to diving into the advanced root motion blending for start and stop.

Any tips/idea on how to properly use the distance curve from the start and stop animations?

What i’ve tried so far is to recover the velocity world direction on stop, the distance float value and send them back to the pawn in hope of applying some motion :stuck_out_tongue:

A simple way and what Paragon does is predict the position ahead of the character to determine the stop location, then calculate the distance from your current one to that and look it up in the Curve.

For Start you look at the Distance created between the last standing position and the current Moving Position then you use Sync Markers to have a seamless transition somewhere near the end of the start motion hence why you need a few steps after the actual start motion. Most of this sounds simple but takes a bit of engineering work to get working properly. There have been various samples floating around on how to do this, can’t remember where though.

Seems like Epic is going to publish their solution soon enough :).

Thanks for your feedback @Highflex ! So far i’ve emulated root-motion using a distance curve and velocity direction on stop.

All in all i’m confident the ‘stop position prediction’ will be a way better solution for both quality and performance. Looking into it now !

you need to simulate what character movement does to apply velocity to a character in one frame then calculate what is total distance travel to stop
checkout this: