Paragon Twinblast Help

How can I remove this from Twinblast’s hand?

thanks in advance everyone.

what is it? it looks like its either part of his hand or something in the socked, your picture doesnt show what it is and you neglected to say as well.

I actually don’t know what it is. It looks like a grenade or something similar. This is how the character comes when you add it to a project. From a second glance it looks like the inner part of his arm, although I’m not certain.

It’s likely the result of a bad retarget job. If you look at the wrists you can see that it’s broken. Something is likely mapped to his hand or a socket by accident.

Hello, this video have the right way to retargeting a paragon character: UE4 Tutorial - Paragon Character Retarget onto the Third Person Template in under 10 minutes! - YouTube

After retargeting hide the guns bones by name.