Paragon PS4 pro features questions.

I’ll cut to the chase everything I got is from your article please expand and define everything here because if it means what I think it does…
The article. I put IMPORTANT before the important stuff the rest is for context.
Sony also showed off Epic’s new MOBA, Paragon, and pointed out that while it’s already available now in Open Beta, players will be able to enjoy forward compatibility on PS4 Pro. IMPORTANT Dynamic lighting, enhanced geometry and scene complexity, along with motion blur for enhanced cinematic effect, all come together to achieve a highly detailed experience.

Additional ways Epic is using PS4 Pro features for Paragon include IMPORTANT volumetric effects such as light shafts and fog that add extra depth and realism; enhanced HLOD (hierarchical level of detail) and increased view distance; screen space reflections; contact shadows; procedural grass; and advanced light bloom, which also lends to a more filmic experience.

Yeah about Volumetric Lightshafts. That means there are finally volumetric light shafts ?

I can answer most of these, I think.

  • Dynamic Lighting: Paragon is lit with Lightmass so they’re not talking about Dynamic GI, but there is Dynamic lighting in terms of particle lights and pointlights etc.

  • Enhanced Geo / Scene Complexity: Just means they can use meshes with more triangles on the PS4 Pro, probably using a higher LOD or something.

  • Motion Blur: Just another Post Effect that’s been switched on.

  • Volumetric Light Shafts: These are faked in Paragon the same way they are in other example content that epic has provided, just prettier. If you get high enough on the Paragon map you an see the edges of the meshes in some places. ‘Fog’ probably just refers to atmospheric fog or height fog.

  • SSR, Contact Shadows, Grass, Light Bloom etc - again all stuff that already exists, just switched on for PS4 Pro.

So yeh nothing new here really, they’re just able to port more features from PC to PS4 Pro now.

Thanks TheJamish I knew most of it is already available but dynamic lighting are description words for half a million different things. And I was’t sure about lightshafts.