Paragon Minions Ragdoll Immediately

I imported the Paragon Minions into my project. Some of the meshes seem like they have radgoll on them by default (or something else that causes them to look like ragdoll-ing).

I simply drag some of the skeletal meshes into the map, hit play, and they ragdoll immediately.

Is there a way to turn this off?

I’m no expert but I’ve found a fix; In the Character class you’ve made for the Paragon Minion all you have to do is for Event Begin/Play, create a node called Set All Bodies Simulate Physics and connect it to Mesh, set the Boolean to unchecked and it should work

I finally figured it out. For anyone else having this same problem, the issue is on the physics asset.

For each physics body underneath a bone, set the physics type to default.

Can you take a screenshot of the area plz

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thanks for the help