Paragon hair physics

Hi there!

I am really interested about how they managed to cloth simulate physics on the hair for “Paragon”; i mean cloth simulate on a mesh is easy but it looks like they got a low poly version of the mesh simulated (to avoid high performances cost) and kinda “transfer” this simulation on the actual mesh. Does anyone knows how to achieve that? Any help is highly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!!

You can wrap a high res mesh onto a low res cloth sim, I haven’t checked their hair sim but i suspect that’s how its done. a few low res cloth sim strips of mesh driving the hair mesh in certain areas.

Its one of the least or hidden documented areas of the cloth sim I remember at the time we had to dig it up, we found out by chance about it after they released the sample files for paragon.

Hi there!! Yeah actually it’s pretty simple thanks a lot for the hint!! I’ll copy paste the doc associated it just in case someone look for it; thanks again!