Paragon Game Lore and characters identity rights?

I get that the Paragon assets are free to use only with Unreal Engine. But what I want to know is can we use the characters identity and lore from Paragon? Or is that violating copyright laws?

I couldn’t find information on this and hope someone can answer my question.

I’m curious about even reusing the character names.

As long you use Unreal Engine, you are a legal EpicGames partner.
They grant rights to use the Assets in your games; engine Eula grant rights to promote the “game” you see fit…

But, the characters still are their property and they can tell you to “drop” whatever you’re doing if they feel like so.

There was a hateful violent game released a while ago, EpicGames told them to remove Unreal Engine logos from their games, an example; they can do the same with any other assets you use from them.

Anyways, these characters have no value for a “real” production now.
In few months asset flippers gonna have them in “games” all over Steam store.

Outside of the the visual assets they have released I would say all that stuff still belongs as a part of the Paragon IP and is not something that can be used without any new permission for it.