Paragon Free assets... Bad Blueprints?

The new paragon assets are here, but… I have downloaded 4 characters, out of them, until now only shinbi has an animation blueprint and a Blueprint to easily load and play, is this an issue or is it simply that shinbi is different? … doy ou happn to have the full files if it is just me?

Thats because she is the only one that has any blueprints atm

How do I setup the animation on the characters other than Shinbi?
Jay Hosfelt will be joining us on the March 29th livestream at 11AM PT / 2PM ET to walk through how to set up the animation Blueprints for the Paragon characters. Be sure to head over to and give us a follow to be notified when the stream goes live.

was listed right on the forum post for the release announcement.


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