Paragon characters's skin creation royalties

Sirs, i’m creating brand new skins for the Paragon characters who will be avaiable on my game.
I wanted to ask:
If they are using a new skin (everything modeled and created by me) they can be purchased as DLC’s or they need to be free? I’m asking that because i was thinking in create a skin pack for my game and will have one for Aurora.

I have to set it free or it can be sold too?

You can sell it but you will have to pay Epic a royalty. This is not because of the Paragon character itself (which is free to use in comercial projects as long as it is made with unreal engine), but because of th engine licensing terms (you have to pay 5% of your gross revenue after you have passed 3k U$D quarterly revenue).

So, long story short, you can sell it but it counts for your revenue, so at some point you will have to pay.

Oh, cool then! Thx for the answer dude. Have a nice friday!

Hello,I also have this problem recently…It’s also used in my project,such as TwinBlast,Kwang,Serath,Shinbi…etc…Can I use these character and then charge for the project?Or,as the solver said,character is free,and I need have to pay 5% give UE4 Engine?

Hello! Yes, you can charge for the project but you will have to pay the %5.

Thank you…