Paragon Characters - Weapon offset issue on skeleton

This issue has showed up across several characters (at least Steel, Twinblast, and Sparrow so far). When I first import the Paragon character assets into the project (4.22.3 source), everything looks great. But at some point while editing animations, creating montages, moving files, etc. (not sure exactly when), all the animations suddenly “break” and their weapons become offset. This issue remains consistent even when restarting the editor. The only way I know how to fix this is re-import the character to override the animations, but that’s not preferable since it also overrides the modified skeleton asset and screws with references outside of the character’s folder.

Anyone understand what’s causing this? I noticed that the offset location exactly matches that of the default pose. Seems like something is overriding the position of the weapon or the translation for the weapon bone gets lost somehow, idk. I am unable to share the project as is, so if anyone has some thoughts on how to prevent or fix this that would be greatly appreciated.


Figured it out. It was due to recursively setting Translation Retargeting to “Skeleton” instead of “Animation” for everything under pelvis (which included overriding the translation retargeting for weapon bones). All weapon bones for Paragon characters need to stay on “Animation”

I am facing the same issue now when trying to retarget this skeleton to use other animations, could you explain how you fixed it?

I don’t have the project anymore or UE version I was working with originally so I can’t verify, but the reply I added is what fixed it for me. On your Skeleton, try selecting the weapon’s root bone (in this example, bow_base) and setting Translation Retarget to “Animation”. If you don’t see that column, click on options on the top left and check “Show Retargeting Options.”

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The Animation option fixes the animations that came with the Paragon character but any retargetted animations show the bow flying off in mid air, anyway to get the bow to snap to her hand with retargeting animations?

Oh I see, I’m not sure in that case. Even though there’s no animation data for bow from the retargeted animation, you’re right that it should just stay attached relative to the parent bone, which would be the hand (I think anyway). I’ve retargeted a bunch of animations to Paragon characters before, like onto the minions, and their weapons do stay attached properly.

Maybe it has something to do with the Translation Retarget settings of the skeleton you’re retargeting from? Not sure, I would have to play around with it. Good luck anyway in figuring it out.

Alright, I’ll play around a bit more with the retargeting and post my findings here, thanks for your replies :slight_smile: