Paragon characters from marketplace

[FONT=times new roman]Apologize in advance for bad English. I use a translator)
[FONT=times new roman]Good afternoon. I wanted to know if I can use in my commercial game character models from the Paragon game that you provided for free in marketplace? For example, I liked the Twinblast model and I would like to use it as the protagonist of my first game. And if this is not forbidden, is it possible to get the source so that I can easily make my animations or for example change the model (delete or add my details)?

Hey @Lolly_Blueprint, as long as the game is built in Unreal Engine, you are welcome to use them in commercial projects. The only files we offer for the Paragon characters are included in their respective Marketplace listings, Paragon: Twinblast in Epic Content - UE Marketplace.

Happy developing!

Understood, thanks)