Paragon Characters / Asset

Hi all, Since paragon assets are free to use with any UE4 projects, I’ve found something on the licensing page for marketplace. It says - Without Epic’s permission, Marketplace products created by Epic for an Epic game may not be used to create sequels or recreate, emulate, or republish those games.

Does that mean, I would need a permission to use these assets in game?

No, it means you can’t use the assets in a way that seems to be connected to the original Epic games. For instance promoting your game as ‘Paragon 9!’ Or the continuing story of such and such a character.

So, you can use any of the assets, but it can’t be obviously related to the games / trademarks etc they originally came from.

Does that make sense?

Y it does, I read it like that as well, but it’s better to be sure :slight_smile:
Thank you so much <3