Paragon assets

It really is a shame that a game I enjoyed so much is coming to an end. Paragon was a beautiful game that gave me hours and hours of entertainment since its release. Unfortunately there are a ton of beautiful models, textures, sounds, icons, animations, blueprint examples, code examples, and more that will be going to waste now that paragon is shutting down.

Id really love to see EPIC release these assets as a pack on the marketplace. This would be super useful to us as a community and provide us with some AAA quality Assets that we would otherwise never be able to have access to.


Yes that would be awesome :smiley:

Yeah, I really hope one of the devs sees this. I just want this idea to gain exposure so it can become a reality.

I made a post just like this a while back, id like to see the assets, but I am personally more interested in how they setup the curve driven animation setup they are using to make transitions smoother, but yes having the assets would be awesome too!

I think we would all kill for this, but it’s super unlikely. It’s the Sound Effects I want…

Literally anything from paragon whether it be the audio, models, etc. would be a huge contribution to us as developers. I don’t have to have it all, but I would like a little taste.

Yes, if they are not going to sell the game to another company, they could release the assets and code.
I would be highly interested in gameplay stuff and code in general, whether it be blueprint or C++

It’d be interesting to take a look at the shader setups. =)

Thank You Epic! $17,000,000 of Paragon content for FREE - Unreal Engine

Yep thanks ^^

i just need to put at least 10 character but what i really want to say is: :cool:

Holy Crap they did it.

I like to think they saw this thread. EPIC DID WE CONVINCE YOU?…infinity-blade

Dont forget I asked for this before this thread was made, so i think it was due to both threads, naaa who are we kidding they prolly already had this planned before either thread was made, either way GO EPIC GO!

Dudeeee is that real!!! i thougth this was never gonna happend!! christ… epic is by far best company i’ve ever seen, they really care about us!! thanks a lot for this!