Paragon Assets with Umodel by Gildor

Good morning. Through the tool “Umodel by Gildor” we can extract some assets and animations from the old Paragon files. I saw that you never prevented this. Currently there are assets not officially released, such as the core and its animation, which I would like to use in videos on youtube as a technical demonstration.

I can do it?

In general, can you use assets extracted from paks file of paragon (old sparrow, for example) within unreal engine 4.19, even in compiled projects, for non-commercial purposes?

The process is: display the assets in Umodel —> Extract ----> import in 3dstudio ----> Export in FBX -----> Use exclusively in unreal engine.

Thanks and good job.

I’m sorry but there is no license to Paragon content other than what is included in the UE4 Marketplace assets.