Paragon Assets in Distributed Project File

I would like to re-target all of the Paragon Animations and Montages onto the Epic Mannequin Skeleton and offer that project file as a free download to other users of the engine. I want to make sure I am not violating any agreements by offering that project file as a resource. I am assuming that since the animation files and montage files would be embedded and distributed within a project file they would automatically be covered for use with license holders only since they would require the engine to use them. I know that similar questions like this have been raised before, but none of the answers solved my specific case.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

You are permitted to distribute those materials to other Unreal Engine licensees. But it’s probably not a good idea to rely solely on the assumption that only UE licensees will download a UE project file. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are only distributing to other licensees.

Thank you for your reply,

Embedded animations within a UE4 project are UASSET files which require Unreal Engine to work with … anyone who downloads this content would need to use Unreal Engine to work with it at which point they become Unreal Engine Licensees because they have agreed to the terms to install the software. I am not distributing individual .FBX files external to a UE4 project file. I cannot ensure anything other than my intent to only distribute them to other licensed users by embedding them within a project file. I tried to clarify that in the original question. I feel like you have answered my question though. I will clearly communicate the usage terms of the material.

Is there some other way to ensure that only other licensees are downloading something ?