Paragon | Accessing Morigesh Facial Poses in Sequencer


Is there a way to access Morigesh’s facial poses through Sequencer? I see that she has a full rig in her face as well as a set of expressions and phonemes in her AnimCurves entry, but I am at a loss for how to access or trigger them in Sequencer. I have all her other game animations available and have (mostly) been successful with retargeting other character’s animations to hers. Am I looking at some kind of BP setup that Sequencer needs to trigger?


interested in this as well as i have not tried them. I have tried to path a char via spline curve but that is also kinda hiccup. Sequencer in current state seems to be very handicap. Lots of blueprint properties are not exposed in sequencer .

I have tried but doesnt seem to work with morphs directly, not even in sequence director.

You can try this but it’s more of a workaround. Working with anim BPs in Sequencer is not a great experience since it seems like it was more made to work with linear animation (straight up animation sequences without anything fancy).

If you wanted to use any fancy anim BP stuff like rigid body/anim dynamics, lookat nodes, it won’t really work. You can simulate physics on the mesh itself but you would then get a 1 frame delay on anything that uses an anim BP with copy pose from mesh.

Anyway you’re likely better off just animating everything (including morphs) and importing that animation if you want to use Sequencer. I hope one day a seamless anim BP - Sequencer workflow will be possible though.