Paradox Paradigm - Greenlit Game in progress!!

The link is of a game I created using UE4. By using free assets and a lot of blueprint scripting I managed to create a stable working beta game!



It will be released VERY soon…
(Cool music included - turn the volume down.)

Again this is only a beta version, and my very first game released. So any feedback from the community would be great. “How do I secure my .pak file people to make it more difficult for people to steal the game data? Just curious.” - Please let me know how. Thanks!

Where did you got the material that you use on the ground? (with the reflections) this is exact what i am searching :smiley:

The floor and walls are from the “Scifi Hallway” pack, available on the marketplace for free =)

No longer a work in progress, this game has officially released on Steam!

The price is $3.99 or download the demo for free and try it out!