parachute blueprint

Hey, i whipped this up and after a few hits and misses(parachute opening while just on the ground) i think i nailed it, what ya guys think?

Looks good, the only problem i see and i might be mistaken but GetPhysicsVolume returns the global physics settings for the world if no actual PhysicsVolume exists that the CharacterMovementComponent is being affected by, so setting the TerminalVelocity of the PhysicsVolume will affect all Actors not just your Character that is using the Parachute.

I recommend changing that to affect maybe the GravityScale of the CharacterMovementComponent of the Character that is using a Parachute instead.

changing the gravity scale doesn’t seem to have an effect when already falling

gravity scale works when already falling. i can approve.

well it works but it only slows you down if you go to a negative value and then you just float up, but i experimented some and it doesnt seem GetPhysicsVolume the way im using it affects anything else then the player

Fair enough, i havent used it as such before so it was just a guess anyhow.