Papercharacter using PaperSpriteComponent (not PaperFlipBookComponent)


I’ve been trying to create a Paper2D game to learn game development and understand the logic behind a Paper2D game. I’m not very familiar with the options that UE4 provides me to create a nice Paper2D game, but I’m learning every day something new. :slight_smile:
Anyways, I’ve already created a PaperCharacter for my game, but I’ve been planning to use another PaperCharacter (or somekind of controllable PaperPawn?), so I could switch the possession between those two Characters.
However, one of the characters uses PaperFlipBookComponent animation and the other should use PaperSpriteComponent.
Is there a way to use a PaperSpriteComponent with PaperCharacter or am I barking under the wrong tree and it’s not so neccessary to do such thing?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You could just build a character and add a paper sprite component to it and remove the other components (just to keep movement component). If you’re going to do custom movement, I’d say go with pawn and just add the sprite component and do upon it what you will. If you’re going through code and you wanna build it. You can probably just start with an actor and add the components you need from the ground up stuff.