Paper2DCharacter Flipbook Sprite not usable for Collision

Hello,i have make a new Player(Paddel) . Before i have use a Pawn with a PaperSprite.(All good before)
Now i use the Paper2d.Character with Flipbook Animation.

I work on a 2d Breakout Clone.

My Problem is ,the Player(Paddel) dont block the Wall.(left and right).I use the same Collision as before with the Pawn.

My Player(Paddel) block the Ball but not the Walls? Why)
In my Flipbook is the Collison active and i can see it.

For my Capsule Component i have set “No Collision”. I want to use the FBSprite Collision.

Why it work for the Pawn with a Paper Sprite but not for a Paper2dActor with Flipbook Sprite?

Picture :

Thx Rayk
English is not my main Language, hope all understand me.

Hello, on the Picture u can see my Flipbook and and it is set to First Frame Collision.


Have you activated collisions from the flipbook itself?

Go to your flipbook in the content browser and open it. From there look to the details panel for “collision source”.

Enable it and it should work.


It does not work because you have only first frame collision. Meaning that in a 15 frame animation like yours you have 1 out 15 chances that the collision will occur to that specific frame and register. Change it to all frames and see what happens

Hey RaykHST,

It is recommended that when setting up collision for Filpbooks to use collision shape components within your character’s blueprint for performance reasons.

Flipbook Components in Blueprints

Flipbook Editor Reference

Hopefully this resolves your issue, but let me know if you are still having trouble getting your collision to work.


When i change to Every Frame Colission , same Problem.

Hello, yes with a Paper_Flipbook it works, Paper_Sprite too, but i want to setup the PAPER_CHARACTER_BP. There does it not working.

By all others, i can only add a FloatedMovementComponent. But i want use the CharacterMovementComponent.I have trouble with this Movement component and the Mouseinput.All time the mouse accleration(not sensity) is to high. How longer i move in 1 direction,the faster she is. :frowning:
Dont find the Settings for a good constant movement with this Floated Movement Component.

By all others, i can use the Sprite Collision and edit they.
Only in the Character Blueprint not. Why?
In the CharacterBP is a Capsule Component for Colission.
But they are not good for my Paddel.
I m just wondered, i can set off the Capsule that they have no colission, and see in my flipbook my edited Colission, but i cant use it.
It is not working.

Hope for Help

Hey RaykHST,

If you are using the Paper Character as your base/parent class, then within your blueprint you can edit the ‘CharactersMovement (Inherited)’ component. Be sure the details tab is open when you click on the component to expose the variables you will want to edit, in order to find the desired movement for your character.

Notice how when you create a new empty Paper Character Blueprint class, the capsule component is inherited as its main collision. Use this capsule component when using collision for your character.


hi, guys,
so what would you recommend for 2D flip book collision, CapsuleComponent, TriggerBox or custom sockets?
Came from Unity, there was only box trigger technique for 2D.

It all depends on what you are trying to test and the type of Paper2D project you are creating. Take a look at the Paper 2D documentation so you can get an idea of the direction you wish to take, and which approach would work best for you.