So I came back to see what was new with Unreal.

I see there is a Paper2D thing. I made a TileMap, but in the window it has an overlay that says “Early Access Preview”

Does this mean that the 2D stuff isn’t implemented yet or has problems and I’d be wasting my time using this for making my 2D game until it’s fully released?

Thanks for your time.

Paper 2d is still in production therefore there are “early access” features included which might cause problems -> so it’s not a good idea to create a game with such features. :wink:

Ah really? That sucks…

How long has it been in development? Are you almost finished or is it a long way off?

I won’t be making a game for mobile, just for PC, and MAYBE Mac and consoles (doubtful) is that issue just for mobile?

Mainly my game will be isometric, with offset vertical layers. Other than that the rest of what I can do with blueprints in 3D I would be able to do in 2D right?