Paper2D - What is the most efficient way to create a palette swapped character?

I have a spritesheet that I imported for a character in Paper2D. I want to make a second character that is identical except for his colors being swapped to a different palette, so I have a second spritesheet for this. What is the most straightforward way for me to duplicate all of the sprites and flipbooks I’ve made for the first character - using this second spritesheet instead of the original?

I have hundreds of sprites, and dozens of flipbooks for the character that I had to create individually because the auto sprite exporter didn’t behave ideally. I’d really like to avoid having to repeat the process for every palette swap of every character that I intend to make.


Hi evillego6,

Have a look at the suggestions in this thread: Creating an RPG-esque Equipment Paperdoll - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Note: If your different images are truly a palette swap with no other changes, you could also potentially either mask out the ‘team color’ areas with a second texture, or create a lookup texture to map from ‘color index’ to actual color in a material instead. Either of these approaches will be more expensive on the GPU but would allow dynamic / randomized colors, and simplify your asset management.

Michael Noland