Paper2D - Using Sprites for Collision Detection


i’m making a 2D brawler on Unreal Engine. I have created my player and an enemy using generic placeholders. I have already succeeded in doing collision detection using collision boxes but I want to have a more precise aproach, hence trying the use the various sprites and respective flipbooks to generate events. However, I can never generate any overlap events between the sprites that are supposedly overlapping…

I verified that their YY position is the same.

In the third image (below) the BP is connected to an event Tick event, which always fire but the array in always empty.

Here is what I have done:




I have too found some irregularities with the sprite collision detection, using a capsule collision has always been the safest.

Only thing you can do to increase fidelity is increase the thickness of the sprite collision, under the sprite collision settings.

Maybe 4.11 improved on that, not sure.