Paper2D tiles being incorrectly layer

Paper2D tilemap editor seems to have a problem when 2 layers are applied on top of each other, causing the top layer to apply incorrectly and use tiles from the previous layer.

See video: - YouTube

Steps done:

  • Imported tileset image, applied Paper 2D texture preset
  • Created tileset
  • Created tilemap, create ground layer
  • Select wood, place on it’s own layer


  • Wood tiles should be placed correctly on top of stone texture


  • Grass tiles are reused on top of the layer, but working correctly with only the wood layer on

Was using this tutorial: - YouTube

Assets that I used are in the description

Replying to my post if someone else finds this, this is a known bug introduced in 4.22.

See issue tracker: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-72279)