Paper2D sprite rotation and unusual bumpy terrain issues

I’ve noticed that when using a flat bottom and running on a BOX BSP my sprite will sometimes make a small hop as though the terrain is uneven, but it’s not. This happens when sliding down vertical walls every once in awhile as well.

Also, while on angled paths such as hills or ramps the sprite sits on it’s corner rather than flat on the hill.

Another thing that has been boggling my mind is how to avoid bouncing off other pawns (eg: when you jump on them). Would rather have the ability to stand on other pawns than bounce.

I was able to find some information about the sprite rotation but it all seemed outdated and mostly work-arounds.

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Hey! I am away from my pc so I cannot give you step by step instructions but I think I can help you nevertheless. There is a setting inside your character blueprint that says ‘can step on it’. If you enable it (it is off by default in all character BP) you can guess what? Step on them :slight_smile:

Your other issue has to do with another option about flat bottom checks. Search for this term in the forums and you will get your answer.

Hope I helped a bit!

Thank you! I will look into those settings. The bumpy terrain one is especially annoying as it causes my pawn to bounce off walls when sliding — which is bad as it’s interrupting my wall grab/slide.

I did manage to efficiently manage walking on hill sides which I’ll show my work when I get to my desktop. Sharing is caring :slight_smile:

Setting “Can character step on” to ECB Yes made it so I can stand on another player but also causes issues where I can become stuck on the side of the capsule component. I’m betting that can be fixed easily with a collision box though.

I was not able to locate resolution for the random bumpiness while using flat bottom on sprites.