Paper2D (sprite) object is sorting visually based on Z value instead of Y (4.7.2)

I asked around and no one seem to know the answer to why this was occurring so at this point I can only assume it’s a bug.

I’m placing Moveable Sprite actors with collision and the visual order is sorting incorrectly.

Paper2D uses Y for depth but they are sorting based on Z value, which is vertical for Paper2D.

I’ve searched up and down to find a setting I could change to fix this but could not.

Hey Distul,

Go into your ‘Project Settings’ and within the ‘Rendering’ section under ‘Translucency’, there are options that allow you to change the axis as well as the policy. Use the image provided as a reference on how to find these settings.

Translucency Settings

Let me know if you were able to resolve your issue with the suggestions provided, or if you need further assistance.


Thought I thanked you way back but seems I did not. Thank you!