Paper2D Side Scroller Template collides correctly, custom one doesn't

I don’t even know how to accurately explain what’s happening other than when I try to run into an entity that blocks all collision everything disappears. Sort of like a 2D creature finding out it can move in 3 dimensions.

Here is the video. The pawn is essentially the same thing as the 2D side scroller template except with a box collision instead of a capsule.

[Video Link][1]

I apologize if this has been asked before I can’t find anything really other than changing capsules to boxes or intercolliding objects. I also don’t know what to search for.


Had the ah-ha moment where I figured it had to be the camera.

Still don’t know why it doesn’t collide and stop.

[I also made a post on the forums but decided I’d move it to here][4]

Here is the Pawn itself

Movement Blueprint

Alright so after a long fight with this thing it wasn’t immediately apparent the ordering on collision. In the BP class it has this white sphere as the root and I just thought that was pretty much just an icon as it sized based on the distance to it.

Apparently this little white sphere has it’s own collision that was causing it to “jump” into the 3rd dimension.

To fix the problem I just make the collision box the new root. Simple fix to a not so obvious problem.