Paper2D random level generation learning resources

Hello! Me and my team are making a 2D roguelite game and over the upcoming weeks we’ll be working on random level generation which to me personally seems to be the hardest part as none of us have ever done such a thing. I’m looking for some learning resources about this topic in Unreal, preferably Paper2D (video tutorials, documentations, wikis, etc.). I’ve managed to find some videos and google docs about this topic but they’re all quite old and seem to be lacking some information. We have made some actors (enemies, shop npcs, items lying on the ground and so on) but all the tutorials that I’ve seen seem to only explain how to generate the interior of the level from tiles (which we also have used to make the so called “Hub” level). We want to ensure that some rooms get generated like boss rooms for example and actors spawn in correct places. Are there any resources that might explain random generation like that or should we try to scrape various parts from different tutorials? Thanks in advance!