Paper2D Punching Collision Help

So, I have the ANIMATION down for punching. How do I get a hitbox around the fist and make it able to react with enemies?

How would I spawn the actor, though?

you can use SpawnActorFromClass node.

how could you make it to spawn right in front of the actor, rather than the center?
Is there some way to say “x = x of player + 15” or something like that?

Also, if I spawn the actor multiple times before it despawns, it won’t despawn. How do you fix that?

get the location of the character, and add a vector to offset it to the hands.

as long as each actor is in charge of destroying itself, it doesn’t matter how many you spawn, they will all destroy themselves.

Thanks for the first part, but I’m serious: They won’t destroy themselves if I spawn one while another is still there.

How do I add the vector?