Paper2d no sockets in flipbook

So in example paper2d project, trying to get array of sockets returns none, why is that?, all my sprites have sockets.


Sockets don’t work with flipbook components in 4.4 or earlier, but in 4.5 you can now use sockets with them. sockets authored in each individual frame are exposed via flipbook, letting you use them as normal ( only gotcha is that you have to author socket positions in each frame, not in flipbook editor, so be sure to use same names in each frame).

You can check out 4.5 preview now by adding an Engine Slot in Library page of launcher and choosing Preview.


Could you explain a bit more how to do add sockets for a flipbook in 4.5? Sorry, I’m very new to Unreal so any help would be great!!! :smiley:

Hey Comixian,

To get sockets in your Flipbook, you need to add a socket to each Sprite asset that Flipbook uses. Open each Sprite asset and look in Details panel. Click + button beside Sockets to add a Socket element. You can then rename and reposition Socket as desired.

You want to make sure you name each Socket same for every Sprite: If you want a socket to represent position of Left Hand, for example, create a Socket element and name it LeftHandSocket in each Sprite, and move it where you want it to be for that frame of Flipbook.

Hope that helps!

dont need to add to every sprite in flipbook , only in those that socket would be helpful, example : a hit location. flipbook will show socket moving to location where is need it and when not is shown in center of sprite.