Paper2D : multiple hitboxes with sprite


I am trying to use UE4 for a 2D project. I am used to use it for 3D but it is the first time I try to use it for 100% sprite based 2D game.
I need to have several hitboxes on my character and I set them per frame of animation (since I cannot do it otherwise).
My big issue is that I cannot set any name to the different boxes. Then I cannot set that “box 0” needs to use “Pawn” collision and “box 1” needs to use “Overlap All” collision.

Is there any simple workaround ? If not should I get the engine on github and modify it or should I do it in another way ?

Thanks for the help,


Have you ever solved this problem?

BTW I solved this with the help of Michael Noland. Instead of using two collision shapes on the sprite, I’ve attached two differet BoxComponent to keep the collisions separated