Paper2D: Limiting jumping (not falling) speed with blueprints?

Paper2D: Limiting jumping (not falling) speed with blueprints?

I have found a way to successfully limit fall speed but I cannot seem to find a way to limit how fast a player achieves max jump height.

I’m using blueprints, UE4.7.2.

you can play with these 2 vars untill you find the result that you want


Does the Gravity Scale node only affect the single character or the entire world and it’s actors?

If I recall, there was a previous issue with gravity scale which allowed users to jump laterally further than I’d like. I’m not at my computer so I cannot review this very second, but is there a way to counter that? I thought there was a lateral friction setting somewhere but I’m not sure what affects that would have prior to testing.

No, it’s affecting only this character

Do you have any suggestions to limit how far laterally my character can jump given the decrease of gravity?

Not looking at the friction nodes I think those only affect reversing direction slide(slippery surface effect).

It occured to me that I may be able to reduce the X Axis movement multiplier while in air; but, is this the best option?