[PAPER2D] I Need Possibly Too Much Help

//Don’t feel like you have to answer all of these questions. Answer as many as you feel comfortable with.

Issue one (Probably the Easiest): I’ve already been programming in languages such as C++ since I was 12 (I’m 19 now). How do I open my blueprints in a code editor? I’ve always been bad at module-based programming languages such as scratch.

//Feel free to answer the rest of the questions in the module language if it feels easier to you.

Issue two: This one is dumb, but I still need help: How do I make my paper 2d char jump higher?

Issue three: It’s hard to ask what I really need help with, so, I’ll ask a similar question to what I really need: How do I put an item in the game that does damage over time when the player is overlapping it? I can only get it to do an abundance of damage at the beginning of the overlap. I know this is probably easy, but remember, I’m new to this engine and not very handy with module languages.

Issue four: Is there a way to crop my songs so the loop plays perfectly without a break?

Issue five: I need one of my home-recorded songs to play only until the player gets near songs that have an attentuation set on them. How do I make that happen?

Issue six: I want to make the backgrounds move horizontally with the player, and I eventually will want them to change to a different sprite at some point (maybe they could move just a little slower than the player?

Issue seven (Most likely the hardest): I need to coat most of my paper 2D map in darkness/shadows and I need my character’s sprite to change in the shadows (kind of like my char has a flashlight). And as you might guess, I need there to be a light node attached to this sprite.

This list will most likely get bigger in time.
The Greatest thank you for your help, heroes and heroines.

For issue 2, open your sidescroller character blueprint and click on the character movement component in the top left. Then Jump z velocity will be able to be changed in the bottom left.

For issue 3 on the main screen of the editor add a pain causing volume from the top left. Make sure the y coordinate is the same plane as your character in the world. Set the damage rate per second to be what you want. Then open your character blueprint and create a Health variable. Click on the event graph and create an Any Damage Event. Get your health, subtract the damage and then set the health with the result.

Thank you so much [USER=“176830”]Pilot 88[/USER]

[USER=“176830”]Pilot 88[/USER] That helps me tremendously with issue three as well, but before I can really use it, I need it to be in a different shape (a giant octopus monster). Also, is there any way to make one of those things give the player stamina and not exceed 100?

This video by Zac Parrish shows how to do a healing volume. It starts at about 26:00.

[USER=“176830”]Pilot 88[/USER] , I can create a healing volume like that, I was wondering how to make it give health over time then not exceed 100.

I cannot figure out the delay, either. Currently it heals per frame.

Here’s what I got so far, maybe you can figure out the delay?

[USER=“176830”]Pilot 88[/USER] I couldn’t figure out the delay. Have any other ideas?