Paper2D FlipBook sprite Alignment Help

I just started learning paper2d, so i grabbed a sprite sheet on the internet to practice.
I Successfuly created some animations and others not, because sometimes they don’t “allign”(if i can use that word).
This one so far has been the worst, but i’ve encountered this problem several times before. What i wan’t is make each sprite be aligned with eachother.
I can’t really explain what happens, is better seeing it.

The original sprite is this :
I used the unreal extract sprite to create the sprites and then create the flipbook.

There’s a simple video of the problem here :

Hello Ivan de Souza,

When you extract sprites, use the grid method instead of the auto one, it should fix your probleme :slight_smile:
you should problaly also rework the origal Sprite and make same space between every frame