Paper2D Endless Runner Example for all

Hey all,

I recently took part of the MiniLD 53 where I made a game using Paper2D. The game is done completely in blueprints and while it’s certainly not perfect, I’d still like to provide you guys with some sort of foundation for an endless runner or procedurally generated platformer. One thing to note is that I didn’t set this up like you would a regular endless runner, the character moves around the world and the objects are destroyed and recreated in front of the player. How an endless is usually setup is the exact opposite way where the objects move and the player doesn’t actually move forward. Either way I hope you guys like it and it helps you guys out on getting started with Paper2D.


Source Download:
Game Download:
Game Jam Page:

Thanks all.

Thanks a lot man, I’m very new to the Unreal Engine and have been having trouble making something like this. Thanks a lot!

Not a problem. Feel free to dig around and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for sharing with us MJBrune! I have been very interested with Paper2D and this is going to be super helpful. Keep up the fantastic work!

Thank you for sharing, this is very helpful!

I noticed an issue with a “platform leak” in the source. The issue was that it was generating “jumps” and not creating platforms. So those platforms would then be lost from the pool forever. Eventually you would get to a point where you had a handful of platforms left and it would be really noticeable. I’ve updated the source links so everyone should get the fix. I also changed jumping around so you can hold the jump button to jump higher. Allowing for you to fine tune your jumping.

Also I am wondering if this should be moved to the tutorials section as while it is a released project, it also a tutorial for everyone which might be stronger. Can a mod/admin put this in the tutorials section if they see it’s fit to be there?

Thanks all.

Hi MJBrune,

Awesome! Thanks very much for making this and posting the source.

Michael Noland

I got the program trying to access DNS , is that normal ?

too bad links are down :frowning:

hi,I can’t get the files.
The requested URL /MiniLD53PostSource.7z was not found on this server.

Old thread, but could you upload this project again, if you still have it?