Paper2D - Copy/Paste sockets

Hello, I was recently working with Paper2D and found it extremely cumbersome to have to manually create and reposition every socket for my sprites. For some short animations it’s fine, but for some it’s very annoying. Therefore I thought that it would be a great idea if there were some way of at least copy-pasting the sockets so you don’t have to create them and name them every time. If possible, another great addition would be to make it so that whenever you create a socket in a frame, it automatically creates the same socket in all the other frames so that you don’t have to manually create it.


I know this is extremely late but for anyone stumbling across this you can use the property matrix for this. However, you’ll still have to reposition the socket for every frame but they’ll all be there and in the same spot at the first frame.

Select the first frame of your animation and add the socket and name it and all that
Select all of the frames of your animation
Right click and under Asset Actions choose Bulk Edit via Property Matrix
In the Property Matrix, you can then copy the properties from the first frame and select the remaining frames and paste them
Again, you’ll have to still line up the sockets so that whatever is attached isn’t bouncing all over the place