Paper2D Community

So I am trying to gather up everyone who is working on Paper2D projects or in the process of learning to make games with the Paper2D feature.

I have a Discord server up for this purpose. I started this because it is difficult to find Paper2D related stuff. There is no dedicated section of the forums here and a lot of the resources for this are scattered and/or old and outdated. I think it would be great to get everyone else having this same issue gathered into a single place so we can learn and build a collection of information for this. I do have plans beyond the discord sever as well if enough people are interested in this.

If you are interested in making Paper2D games with unreal join the discord:

When you join you will be stuck in the welcome channel read the instructions there so you can get sorted and be given access to the rest of the server.

Just joined. :stuck_out_tongue:

they have a paper2d section in the official unreal engine discord which has unreal engine devs(Epic.) on there.

For some reason permissions was off on the welcome and no one could actually see the instructions posted there. This has been fixed.

We have a blog up that will house tutorials and other stuff and will also function as a place to post any news. you can find that here:

We have a subreddit also:

Right now everything is still looking pretty bare so hopefully we can collect some people and change that :slight_smile: I am working on getting some tutorials posted to the blog no ETA they need some work and I have a lot going on but soon here I will have them up.