Paper2D Character Dissapearing

Hello, I believe this is my first post /question here so I will cut straight to it.
I started a new project which is using sprites. I am following this tutorial on youtube.
Right off the start there are two problems I am facing though.

1st problem, is that my character becomes invisible as soon as he touches the default “SM_TEMPLATE_MAP_FLOOR” asset/ground.

2nd problem, is that my WorldSettings do not seem to save. So everytime I load up the project those settings have been reset, and my character doesn’t spawn anymore.

I haven’t found anything about somebody having similiar issues to mine, so I figured I would ask here!
I have also tried nuking UE4 off of my computer and reinstalling it, but unfourtanetly that did not help either.
Besides the problems I seem to be having, ue4 is pretty sexy :wink:
Btw, if I happen to be posting this question on the wrong board feel free to move my post :smiley:

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated

I have just tried this out again, this time on a different computer, with the same results. Character dissapears on impact with ground. Is the tutorial simply wrong is or is this some kind of bug?


I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue with the disappearing character in 4.5.1, but usually this is a result of something getting in between the camera and the character, shortening the length of the SpringArm. To test if this is what’s happening, disable Do Collision Test in the SpringArm component’s details.

For the second issue, I believe you may have created a new level and not set it as the default for the project. The World Settings are per-level, so if you don’t open the map you saved that in you won’t have the same settings. Did you start a new level when you created the project? You can go to Project Settings > Maps & Modes and change the Game Default Map and the Editor Startup Map to the level you want to load when you open the project.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the help, everything you said was spot on and solved the problems. Changing the spring arm component to not check for collisions fixed the problem with the dissapearing character. I guess the character was too small and therefore the spring arm got to close to the ground. Upscaling the capsule component would also fix the issue. Thanks for the help :smiley: