Paper2d better capsule collision


Hello, I am wondering if there is a solution to keep the capsule collision box from hanging from an object like in the picture that’s attached.

Since its 2d what really should be happening is the character should’ve fallen already. And if I add a sprite that isn’t a circle-like shape (ex. the feet sticks out of the capsule on the bottom edges), the sprite will clip the box.

I’ve tried to use an on hit event with the red box to resize the capsule radius on overlap. But that’s really a hacky and inefficient way to get it working.

Would it be better just to try to make a pawn and try to add the required movement components? I would really like to stick with the Character blueprint.


Found it. Took me 3 days of fiddling and searching but yes there is an option in the CharacterMovement component > Character Movement > extend the section and you’ll find something called Perch Radius Threshold.

Set that to your desired amount and you can make your capsule fall once the bottom mid point of the capsule is no longer colliding with anything.

Hope this helps anyone out there searching for something similar.