Paper2D - Attach event to sprite flipbook to trigger on certain frame?

Hi all,

I’m currently using 4.8.2 of the Unreal Engine 4.

I’m looking for a way to spawn something on my map when a Paper2D sprite gets to a certain frame of a flipbook. I am unable to see any way to attach an event in blueprint to a flipbook or any property from the flipbook editor to trigger an event in blueprint.

While I’ve seen some interesting work-arounds, such as splitting up the flipbook into two so when the first ends that’s when you trigger the event and start the second half of the flipbook.

I’m curious, besides a gigantic Tick Event checking for all the possible flipbooks playing and checking what frame it is on, is there any other optimized method?

For those wondering, Epic is aware of this request.

And you can vote on Trello for Flipbook Notifies here.