Paper or Plastic | Short Film | Teaser

Our teaser for the upcoming short film !
and this is not metahuman :wink:


It looks fascinating.

I even wonder what will come of it.

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awesome job!

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looks great!

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Pretty cool. Love that visual.

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That was a lot of work

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very beautiful

Hey there @cortek1,

Hope you’re doing well!

So stoked to see the actual short film for this! It seems super high quality. Also, the character looks incredibly realistic without the help of metahuman. Really impressive work!

Do you have an art station with other bits of work to lurk through?

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I like how the fuzz looks on this girl

Wow! looks great!

Hello !
I am very glad that you liked it !
At the moment we only have Instagram. But in a few days there will be a release of the entire video. And along with this there will be an artstation and a website :slight_smile:

Love the details! What these symbols in the last part are?

Awesome works, I really want to see full version!

until you posted this trailer, humanity has not known a greater day!

It looks and sounds amazing!

Awesome! Can’t wait for the full film

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SO nice!!!