Paper 2d tutorial flip sprite / actor causing the character to fall

Hi, I’m still pretty new to developing for Unreal and I’m running into an issue trying to implement a side-scrolling fighter type game.

The basic gist is when I attempt to change the sprite facing using setActorScale3D, even though the Z axis isn’t changing, the character moves and kicks in unreals “isFalling” check, but never seems to land. However when I move the character back to facing the other way, it goes away.

I’m really just not sure what’s causing it to affect it. I’m calling setActorScale3D on the actor itself to ensure the attack hit box also flips sides (i was successfully just flipping the sprite, but trying to place the hit detector based on facing is proving to an issue using any other method)

Here’s a gif of the issue as it happens
Problem in Action

and here’s a picture of the set facing and jump blueprints

Set Facing exists on the character base (used to derive the player and enemies)

and jump is just on the hero character BP

Personally, i would not use the scale to rotate your char, rotating it seems better :slight_smile: especially, if you have attachments at your char, like sockets for weapons or where projectilles spawn.

Maybe this helps you, this video and the next one from that playlist:

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Thanks, I think that did the trick! Was originally running into a weird issue since, being a side scroll beat-em up the character is tilted at a 30 degree angle, and was running into issues with the control rotation to get it right. Thing I was getting screwed up by relative / world rotation.

But setting the rotation for everything (turning left v right) and then I just take the sprite and rotate it to tilt towards the camera

Apologies for the late response, wanted to give it a fair go before I did, and just been busy.